Nano Energizer Ceramic Coating (All-In-One) Engine Treatment - 30ml

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Nano Energizer is perfect for saving fuel on all types of Gasoline and Diesel Engines - Cars, Trucks, High performance vehicles, Motorbikes, Tractors, Heavy industrial machinery, Lawnmowers, Large boats, Compressors, Bearings, Gear Box, Transmission Case & power steering , Various Types of Industrial Equipment.

The Nano Energizer uses Revolutionary & Patented Nano Ceramic Technology It allows for easy Treatment of Engines and Restores, Repairs & Protects. This is not just another oil additive. This formula only uses the oil as a medium to get into the engine. It is very soon extracted back out of the oil on the engine wall. Amazing technology!



Higher efficiency of the engine is reflected in improved performance such as:

  • Easy engine restoration without disassembling
  • More power & economical solution
  • Fuel saving 8-21% (40% in idle mode)
  • Reduce engine’s noise & vibration
  • Restores friction surfaces and protects against wear
  • Increase oil pressure & great combustibility
  • 3-9 times reduction in CO and CH in the exhaust
  • Environmental friendly and no side effect
  • Treats up to 10 litres of engine oil
  • Long lasting (up to 30,000km)


How to Use:

  • Warm up engine for 3~5 minutes.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Shake well Nano-Energizer (about 1 minute).
  • Open oil filter cap and inject Nano-Energizer into engine oil.
  • Close oil filter cap.
  • Warm up engine for 10~20 minutes or run for 20~30km.
  • The treatment process will take 800~1,000 km engine running.
  • Once the treatment completed, it will last up to 30,000km.
  • Repeat to use Nano-Energizer after 30,000km engine run.