Nano Maxx Cooling Radiator Fuel Saver Additive - 30ml

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Revolutionary science based Nano Technology as coolant radiator additive for saving fuel.It’s a proprietary formulation of nano bases natural minerals. When fuel is sprayed inside the engine cylinder,65-70% of fuel converts to kinetic energy and balance fuel i.e. 30-35% is wasted as smoke and harmfull pollution.

Upon injection of NanoMaxx into the coolant radiator, it gets mixed with the coolant and circulates all around the engine combustion chamber through the cooling jacket and continuously emits Far Infrared (FIR) electromagnetic rays. These wavy FIR rays accelerate combustion and and improves efficiency and hence improves the mileage and reduces wastage.

This also results in great power and reduction of engine noise and vibrations. Remmber, the rate of combustion efficiency is directly proportional to rate of fuel saving!


Proven effectiveness of NanoMAXX 

  • Emission Reduced by up to 30% - 95%
  • Fuel Saving by up to 8% - 30%
  • Power Improvement by up to 10% - 30%
  • Noise Reduced by up to 10% -25%
  • Single application can last up to 50,000km.



Petrol Engines, Diesel Engines, CNG Engines, 2 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, Cars, Trucks, Machinery, Generators


How to Use:

  • Turn off engine and open radiator cap.
  • Before injection, shake NanoMaxx 30ml pouch for 10 times.
  • Injection 30ml pouch of NanoMAXX into secondary tank.
  • After injection of NanoMAXX, keep idle warm up for 5 minutes in summer and 10 minutes in winter till radiator fan spins.