Bar's Leaks Cooling System Repair - 16.9 oz.

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Bar’s Leaks® Cooling System Repair has twice the performance of other products by not only stopping cooling system leaks, but adding future protection. It is scientifically formulated to stop coolant leaks, thereby reducing antifreeze loss, while correcting other cooling system problems helping to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. In addition, Cooling System Repair contains Xtreme Cool™ which stops overheating and reduces water temperature. Works on all 4, 6, 8, and 10 cylinder vehicles and in any gasoline, turbocharged and diesel engines. . Use with ALL 50-50 mix types and colors of antifreeze coolant and / or water. For most vehicles leaks stop instantly. For many vehicles, this is your last change before paying an expensive repair bill or replacing the vehicle. 

XTREME COOL™ Xtreme Cool™ reduces the surface tension of coolant increasing the wetting ability. This improves heat transfer reducing coolant temperature helping to prevent overheating and leaks. 

Twice the Performance Formula A Stops & Prevents Leaks with:

  • Carbon Fiber Sealer
  • Leak Sealing Liquid
  • Stop leak Treatment 

Formula B Add Protection with:

  • Water Pump Lube
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Heat Transfer Agent

INSTRUCTIONS: Install only in a cold engine. Shake well. Pour entire contents of the 2-chamber bottle directly into the radiator. If direct access to radiator is not available, install in reservoir / overflow tank. Fill radiator overflow tank to proper level and reinstall cap. Drive/idle engine for 15 minutes. If leak continues, second application may be required or mechanical attention is needed. Leave Cooling System Repair in cooling system for continued protection. 

DOSAGE: Use one bottle for regular size cooling systems. For small cooling systems under 1.5 gallons, use half of each side of bottle. For larger systems use one bottle for every 4 gallons of cooling system capacity.