Bosch L3300 Long Life Oil Filter - (For Subaru Impreza / WRX EJ engines)

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The Bosch Long Life Oil Filter is built to last for 10,000 miles on vehicles that use synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils.

Designed to meet the changing dynamics in the marketplace related to extended oil drain intervals, the Bosch Long Life Oil Filter provides 4 star filtration, holding up to 22 grams of dirt and other particles that can cause engine damage.


10,000 Mile Life: Users of synthetic and semi-synthetic oils expect nothing but superior performance. However, these long lasting oils are only as good as the oil filter that's paired with them. That's why Bosch engineered a long life oil filter that was designed to trap and hold contaminants up to 10,000 miles to keep the oil clean and protect your engine.

4-Star Filtration: When your engine is protected with 4-Star Filtration, you don't have to worry about your next oil change for 10,000 miles. Bosch Long Life Oil Filters's 4-Star Filtration has the capacity to hold 22 grams of dirt. This means more dirt in the filter, and not in the engine.
99.5% Efficiency: Bosch Long Life Oil Filters are 99.5% efficient in capturing microscopic pollutants. The specially engineered synthetic filtration media provides a complex matrix that particles must navigate so more small particles are captured in the process.
Key Components

Backed with a wire mesh to keep media intact for high filtration performance
Silicone anti-drain back* valve protects against dry starts.
Relief valve* prevents oil restriction and ensures proper oil flow




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