Sonax Xtreme Wheel Rim Coating Nano Pro

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SONAX - cleaning and polishing like a professional

Long-lasting, transparent coating on nano-technology. Protects the wheel rims against renewed soiling. Alleviates and simplifies cleaning. Salt, water and dirt just run off in droplets. Just spray on and distribute - that‘s all. For steel, aluminium and chromed rims.

  • Wheel rim sealant based on nano-technology for aluminium rims. 
  • The rims are protected by a glass hard coating made from nano particles modified with fluoro carbon.
  • It reduces the adhesion of brake dust which greatly simplifies cleaning the rims.
  • Outstanding and long lasting water repellent effect.
  • Sufficient for up to 8 applications.

Made in Germany.

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SONAX - cleaning and polishing like a professional