Liqui Moly CERATEC Cera Tec Engine Additive - 300ml

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LIQUI MOLY CERA TEC Engine Treatment

Liqui Moly CERA TEC is a high-tech ceramic wear protection product for all motor oils. CERA TEC reduces friction and wear due to ceramic compounds that withstand extremely high chemical and thermal loads. CERA TEC prevents direct metal-to-metal contact by filling-in and smoothening the asperites that are a natural part of any metal substrate. This greatly reduces friction and heat, thus increasing the engine service life. Further more, the low-friction effect reduces fuel consumption, makes the engine runs quieter and improves operating performance. CERA TEC bonds to the engine and its parts and lasts up to 50,000km.  It is suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines. 1 bottle treats 5 liters of engine oil.

  • Mixable with all commercially available motor oils. (i.e. does not harm engine in any way)
  • Stable even under high thermal and dynamic permanent loads
  • No deposits and absolutely compatible with all commonly used filter systems
  • Resists extremely high and low temperatures
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases engine service life
  • Increases smooth operation
  • Stable under extreme pressures
  • Chemically inert
  • Higher performance gain due to reduced friction
  • Does not increase the phosphorous and sulfur content of the motor oil
  • Tested with catalytic converters and diesel particle filter

Note: Not suitable for use with wet clutches! 

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