Meguiar's Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look - 6 oz.

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Meguiar's® Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look 

Wax and polish in one!

Your time is valuable. That's why Meguiars® Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look is a great choice for busy motorcycle owners like you.

It cleans, polishes, and protects in one step, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Meguiars® Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look is the versatile, easy way to clean, polish and protect all paint finishes (including clear coats) in one easy step! 

Durable and easy to apply and remove.

Effectively and safely removes surface contaminants and blemishes that dull your finish, including fine scratches and swirl marks, to leave a high gloss shine.

Meguiars® is the maker of America's best selling cleaner wax, so they know how to formulate an effective, great-looking polish and wax. See the results for yourself!

Apply to a clean, smooth, cool surface in the shade. Apply a small amount of wax onto an applicator pad and spread a thin, even coat and allow to dry. Remove with a microfibre cloth, turning to a clean portion for the final wipe.

Safe on chrome and aluminum. The clear wax offers the same protection to metals as it does to paint.

Use Meguiars® Motorcycle Liquid Wax Wet Look to give your motorcycle a glossy, reflective shine in one simple step.

6 oz.