Liqui Moly Octane Plus (Octane Booster) - 150ml

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Octane Booster is a self-mixing combination of agents formulated according to state-of-the-art additives and fuel technology. Octane Booster is for universal use and is designed to improve gasoline engine operation in areas where the octane rating (RON) is too low and causes engine knock, pinging, overheating and other problems associated with lowoctane gasoline. Raises the octane rating by up to 4 points. Contains no lead or other metallic-compounds that could harm catalytic converters. The increased fuel performance prevents engine damage caused by knocking and the increased octane number leads to optimized engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Intended use

As additive treatment for all petrol cars to increase performance and reduce problems of low-octane fuels.

One 150 ml can is sufficient for 50 l gasoline.  Increases the RON by up to 4 points.  Pour Octane Booster into the fuel tank and then top up with fuel. Mixing takes place automatically.

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