OSRAM Night Breaker UNLIMITED - H4 / H7 (Twin Pack)

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This is the top product for active and safety-conscious drivers. With its new NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED family of lamps, OSRAM is breaking records for the power and colour of headlights. Compared with standard lamps, they shine up to 110 % more light on the road and produce 20 % whiter light. Their maximum performance make NIGHTBREAKER PLUS lamps particularly attractive for active and safety-conscious drivers. Improved illumination of the road provides optimum visibility and therefore optimum safety. NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED lamps also make driving more comfortable. Drivers find the whiter light stronger and more pleasant than ordinary light, which is of great benefit on long journeys.

Features of the OSRAM NIGHTBREAKER UNLIMITED Headlight Bulbs

  • 110% more light than a standard OE bulb
  • Up to 40m longer beam
  • Up to 20% whiter light than a standard halogen bulb.
  • More efficient generation of light thanks to optimized noble filler gas formula
  • Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver dome. 
  • Sold in a pack of two bulbs
  • Comes with OSRAM SEAL
  • Fully road legal in Singapore - Approved by LTA
  • UV friendly - will not damage plastic lenses
  • 12v 55w

Benefits of the OSRAM NIGHTBREAKER UNLIMITED Headlight Bulbs

  • Clearer and brighter lights illuminates dangers and obstacles much earlier.
  • Better visibility and whiter lights results in reduced eye fatigue & eyestrain especially at night.
  • Patented blue ring coating leads to less glare for the driver.
  • Consequently reduces response time to any danger.
  • Does not cause blinding to other road users unlike aftermarket HID systems.