Liqui Moly SYNTHOIL PREMIUM 5W-40 - 5 Litres

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Liqui Moly 5W-40 Full Synthetic Synthoil Premium Engine Oil 5 Liters is a fully-synthetic all-season motor oil for sporting and extreme applications in gasoline vehicles. It is energy conserving (fuel economy) for the latest engine concepts (both gas and diesel), such as multi-valve arrangements, variable carn and timing configurations, turbocharging, supercharging,intercooling, etc. It saves fuel and provides instant lubrication after a cold start. This oil comes in a 5 liter bottle (5.28 Quarts), usually good for one full oil change in most vehicle applications. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbo chargers. 


Synthoil Premium Engine Oil Features

  • Long service life for the engine due to very high level of protection against wear 
  • Miscible and compatible with commercially-available engine oils 
  • Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures
  • Very high lubrication reliability at high and low temperatures
  • Very high shear and ageing stability 
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness 
  • Smooth engine running
  • Saves petrol and reduces pollutant emission
  • Optimum oil pressure at all engine speeds
  • Tested with catalytic converters and proven performance with turbochargers
  • Extremely low evaporation losses


Specifications / Approvals / Applications:
ACEA A3-08/B4-08
VW 502 00, 505 00
Porsche A40
MB 229.3
BMW Longlife-98

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